12" Portable Mobile Phone Curved HD Screen Amplifier

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Turn your mobile phone into a HD Curve Screen Home Theater with this Mobile Phone Amplifier.

HD quality with 12" screen effect.

1、HD Screen: New curved phone HD screen amplifier, large field of view HD zoom screen reduces radiation.
2、Zoom in 3-4 Times: 1:1 clear original picture is enlarged 3~4 times. 

3、Easily adjust angle for better viewing

4、Prevent Slipping: It can effectively prevent the phone from slipping. 

5、Strong Pressure Resistance

Screen size: Approx 12"
Product size: Approx .84*6.3*0.79"
Material: Acrylic lens + ABS housing
Applicable models: general
Available colors: black
Packing List:
1* Amplifier
1* Bracket
1* Instruction